Grandmothers of Soviet cinema

In the domestic cinema, since childhood, the heroines of films and children's fairy tales have sunk into our soul, who have always played the role of grandmothers. Sometimes it seems that they were never young - all their roles were played in adulthood. Among such actresses, the ones I have collected in this collection are especially memorable:Tatiana Peltzer is a Russian actress of German origin. She got her first theatrical roles in the productions of her father Ivan Peltzner. Her first role was in the play "Kamo coming", in which Tanya appeared at the age of 9. She adopted much of her acting talent by imitating her father. The phenomenon of actress Tatiana Peltzer is that she never had a special theatrical education, but was actually self-taught.She first appeared on the big stage back in 1913, and the real fame of the actress came to her only 30 years later, when she began acting as a movie actress. Then Tatiana was already well over 40. Most of the films that have become beloved in more than one generation of Soviet and even modern viewers appeared when the actress Tatiana Peltzer turned well over 50.Rimma Zelenayaz remembered the audience most of all the role of the Turtle Tartilla and Mrs. Hudson in the Sherlock Holmes movie saga. The first theatrical role came to Rimma in 1919. Then she, a young graduate of the Moscow Theater School, got a job at the Odessa theater MOLE. Later she began acting in films, but almost all of her roles were episodic.Evgenia Khanaev played the first role when she turned 45 in the film "The Man without a passport", but the recognition and love of the audience brought her the film by Vladimir Menshov "The Draw", in which the actress played the role of teacher Maria Devyatova.Anastasia Zuevas dreamed of becoming an actress in her youth. However, her family did not approve of her desire to study at a theater school. The girl entered school secretly and her aunt even kicked her out of the house for such disobedience. However, she returned the girl home very quickly when she found out that she had been accepted for free training, and Nastya liked the teachers. I am waiting for the New Year holidays so that she will tell me a fairy tale from the TV screen)Anastasia Zueva embodied a whole galaxy of "grandmothers" on the screen and in the theater, and for some reason the directors considered her in such a role, although Anastasia Zueva was a good dramatic actress.Lyubov Dobrozhanskaya became an actress in the post-revolutionary period and has been playing on the stage since 1924. At one time, she was considered a great theater actress. In the cinema, Lyubov Dobrozhanka "lit up" in the film "Irony of fate or with a light steam". The actress was famous for her ability to quickly memorize large texts of roles, and was very unpretentious on the set. During her life, she played more than 100 theatrical roles.These beautiful women managed to embody the best examples of human kindness, honesty and love at a respectable age. That is, the image of a grandmother that each of us has been close to since childhood, to which each of us returns in memories through the years. Самые дешёвые авиабилеты