Application of ventiblons in construction

Ventsbloka is an essential element in the construction of any building. The norms currently prescribed to equip all residential and public buildings of the ventilation system, which provides air exchange - as a rule, it is in mind the natural ventilation of the exhaust type. Nowadays, ventilation is a design consisting of a common vertical channel with side branches. The air is redirected from the hoods between the floors in the main collection channel.

The air is caused by the difference in its temperatures "inside" and "outside", as well as to some extent the action of wind, or by changing the pressure (is usually characteristic of high-rise buildings). Reinforced concrete vents are the main element that is used in construction when creating a natural ventilation system of almost any kinds of buildings. Blocks Ventilation reinforced concrete are used for ventilation kitchens, bathtubs and toilets of residential buildings, as well as for ventilation of public spaces. They pull out couples and unpleasant odors, and make comfortable accommodation in homes, thanks to creating free circulation of air and a favorable microclimate in the premises. Wen blocks can be installed in buildings with any moisture mode. They are used in the construction of premises, built in areas with a non-aggressive, medium and weakly aggressive degree of impact of gaseous media. Wen blocks are self-supporting design, which is attached to reinforced concrete floors using special mortgage parts. They are concrete plates of rectangular shape with internal channels that can be inclined or vertical, air flows pass along these channels. It turns out that the Ventblock includes a plot of a trunk channel (one or more branches), as well as a hole through which the ventilation unit and the room are connected.

Types of ventilation blocks

Typically, ventilation blocks are produced from 280 to 330 cm long and a mass of about 1-2 tons. The thickness and shape of the ventiblons is regulated by GOST 170079-88. Ventilation blocks are different series and with a different cross section, depending on the application for the construction of various types of buildings with different types of overlappings and other features. Blocks extremely effectively carry out the function of natural ventilation even in high-storey homes.

In general, they can be used in buildings reaching the height of 25 floors, while the height of the flights may be equal to 3 m.