La Vie En Tournee

Billetterie ouverte pour le Snowshow Symphony à Sotchi !

We are on our way to Sochi where Snow Symphony will have its first shows in a long time.

You can get your ticket here

Dignified evening suits, delicate music stands, cellos, violas, violins – the live sound of sublime musical instruments, crowned with an Amati violin played by one of the greatest contemporary violinists, Gidon Kremer. The splendor of classical and modern music. Bows leaping high, reaching for the highest, most enchanting notes, bows running along the strings, fluttering like a butterfly’s wings…

Right next to them – swinging to the rhythm of the movements, awkwardly large “wings” of the ear-flap hats, mirroring the excessively long shoes.

Worn-out green coats, red noses, plum-shaped and droopy, bewildered faces, looking all alike in their perpetual daze. Gigantic flies, knocking down whatever happened to be in their way; heaps paper snow and an all-consuming snowstorm that no one will escape. In the center of it all – a melancholic and yet funny, a touching and tender little man in a yellow jumpsuit – like a tiny dot of warmth lost in the abyss of the universe – Slava Polunin, one of today’s most known clowns…

And yet once more – there are violins and bows, scores and codas… A step away are some more red noses, oversized telephones and three-meter-large air balloons bouncing around the audience. All of this comes together to be in one show, on the same stage. Classical music and clownery meet here like a white and a red clown meet in a traditional clown act: white clown stands for the beautiful and magnificent, red clown embodies funny and clumsy. But, unlike the traditional exchanges between white clown and red clown, in this show they share a common space – a space of poetry and sincerity.